Busy, busy, busy

If you want something done, ask a busy person.

I’d like to think it’s true, but in all fairness I’m not so sure, I just tend to think it’s procrastination of a different variety.

When I am at work and ‘busy’, I have blog ideas coming out of my ears. I spend as much time as possible piling them into emails and word documents to send to me to publish from home. Or, on the odd occasions I can get access to the direct external Internet connection from work then I’ll publish them straight away, or at least make sure they’re scheduled to post. It’s pretty much anything I can think of to avoid doing any work.

When I am at home, with nothing to do, I inevitable spend my time just watching tv, mucking about on farcebook, or generally just playing stupid games on my laptop. I sit bak and check my email account, look at all the mails I’ve sent myself and generally just think, ‘nah, I’ll do it tomorrow.’

See, I can even procrastinate over doing the things I enjoy doing as well as the things I don’t…

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