A night with Columbo

I love Columbo. All 67 episodes.  My particular favourite is the case with Johnny Cash, and not simply because it is one that it appears is shown most often, (closely followed in perpetual repeat by the one with Billy Connelly) but because I happen to like Johnny Cash.  I also enjoyed the two episodes featuring Patrick McGoohan, because I think he’s a fantastic British actor, and because I really liked him in Danger Man and The Prisoner.

There is something about Columbo that just catches you, no matter how many times it’s repeated on TV I always have to sit down and watch.  In a phrase I’ve recently seen coined I think it’s the whole ‘howcatchem’ style as opposed to ‘whodunnit?’ –  It’s not about who did it, it’s about how to solve it.

Now though, I’ve seen where it all started. Not the original episode from The Chevy Mystery Show of 1960, but the 1961 stage play, which was destined for Broadway until the death of its Columbo, Thomas Mitchell, and do you know what?

It was awesome.

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