A short massage sponsored by twitter

I absolutely *love* Twitter. I think it’s a fantastic thing that everybody should be involves with. Its helped me meet an make friends, given me useful advice, been supportive when needed and even helped me sell on last minute event tickets that I couldn’t use.

Plus where else can you ask a question, and have a dozen replies with in five minutes?

Beyond all that though, this week it was responsible for helping me to relax and look after myself.

After being called in to work extra night shifts, and having to do an right am, straight from work flying visit to the parentals before going out for the night I was exhausted. I’d had just six hours sleep in 48.

Then came an early morning hair appointment, lunch out and a trip to the vet’s with a very poorly cat. I was tired, stressed, particularly about the cat.

I decided to check into twitter to try and take my mind off my worries and I saw a tweet from @ChapelSpa mentioning some discounted treatments that afternoon.

A short twitter exchange later and I was booked in. After a £100+ vets bill and a nightmare journey into Cheltenham it was just what I needed.

One full body massage (discounted from £48 to £32), later and I was blissfully relaxed for the rest of the day.

If you live anywhere in the vicinity of Cheltenham, or even if you are visiting for the day, then I highly recommend you visit Chapel Spa. You certainly *won’t* be disappointed.

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