Black Flowers


“This isn’t a story about a little girl who disappears, it’s a story about a girl who comes back”

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked up my kindle and flicked it round to the prologue, but what I got I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s been some time since I was gripped by a book to the extent that the action of having to put it down to do something else, (like drive home from work) is an almost physical impossibility, but that’s how I felt over the course of the two days it took me to read it.

Written as a novel within a novel, the story unfolds like someone carefully unwrapping the layers of tissue in a box of crystal glasses. Slowly, deliberately, it coaxes you along with the promise of delights deeper within, a promise which is undoubtedly delivered.

To call it a rollercoaster of a ride, would just be wrong, but if you like theme park analogies it’s more like a flume ride. It carries you carefully along the calm waters before rushing you down a few small slopes, wetting you, and your appetite, for the thrill that’s just around the corner, building your tension as you climb the final ramp, and holding you nervously at the top for a second before hurling you down into the swirling waters below.

Go. Buy it. Now. You know you want too. 😉

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