Food festival

Two bottles of cuvee with 23k gold flakes
A bottle of marmalade vodka
A truckle of mature cheddar with pickled onion cheese
A bottle of strawberry wine
A jar of plum and sloe gin chutney
A portion of Froot Loops
Plus, bottles of elderberry & elderflower wines, faggots, sausages, venison slicing pie and more.

A taster of the haul that saw my wallet over £130 lighter yesterday after Boo and I hit Cheltenham Food & Drink festival for the day.

With a one and a half mile walk into town (I don’t do walking) followed by my first bus trip in years the day was an adventure from start to finish.

There were many beer stops for me, and cider stops for Boo (including one which was an 8.5% cider with rum), plus tons of other taster stops. So much food to choose from it was unbelievable.

We managed to miss the initial torrential downpour, so the time we were there was only tempered a little by the odd shower, but all short enough to be avoided by a short dash into one of the nearest tents.

We whiled away some time, we enjoyed several pub atmospheres, soaked up the and eventually caught the bus home again with our boatload of booty.  Exhausted, but happy.




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