The Night Season

It’s billed as the next in the Gretchen and Archie series, but it was nice to be able to say that Gretchen only makes a fleeting appearance in the book, because in my eyes there are only so many times that a cop and a serial killer can play cat and mouse, chase and capture in a series, and with this being the fourth book, that number was up.

It took nothing away from the story however, so it was, as is usual with these books, easily read in one sitting.


Heavy rains have burst the banks of the Willamette River; several people have died in the furiously rising waters . . . but the latest victim didn’t drown: She was killed before she went into the water. Soon, other victims are found, and Police Detective Archie Sheridan realizes that Portland has a new serial killer on its hands. Reporter Susan Ward is on the story, but she’s also got other leads to chase, and some secrets can be too frightening for prying eyes . . . with Archie following a bizarre trail of evidence, and Susan close behind, the pair must unearth the identity of a vicious murderer, and uncover the truth behind a mystery more than sixty years old . . .

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