Blood – K J Wignall


Finally the delightful Lord Kevin of Wignallshire, as he will always be to me, is getting some of the recognition he has deserved for some time.

This was my second “young adult” read for me recently and another in a series of books, although this was the first in a trilogy, as opposed to an open ended series of my previous read.

The Mercian Trilogy tells the tale of William, Earl of Mercia, and 800 year old teenage vampire.

But don’t let the fact that it’s a new vampire novel put you off, forget all your thoughts of those ‘other’ emphatically inferior vampire novels of which you may have heard (and which will *never* be spoken of here).

Blood re-writes the traditional rules of vampirism. Be prepared to turn everything you’ve thought on your head. Capturing the essential essences of adventure, love, history and destiny it’s a book everyone should read.

Go buy it now, you really should.

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