I don’t think it’s supposed to do that.

A little less than two weeks ago I noticed a strange knocking noise coming from the front of my car.  Over the course of the first week, when I had no choice but to use it to drive to and from work and had no time to get it into the garage it got increasingly worse.

I have avoided using it since Friday last week as it is booked into the garage this Friday, which was the soonest I could get it in.  In the meantime, this morning I risked a trip down to my local tyre fitters as my rear tyres were borderline illegal and needed changing.

I mentioned my issue to a good friend there and got him to drive it into the ‘slot’ for changing tyre so he could gauge the depth of my problem, which he did quite quickly.

With the car up in the air and all the weight off the wheel…. this is what happened.

Turns out, that out of the four bolts that are supposed to hold my wheel on, only one was connected.  I’ve driven a thousand miles since those wheels were last taken off and replaced.  I think someone is watching over me.

2 thoughts on “I don’t think it’s supposed to do that.

  1. I had some idiot loosen my wheel nuts many, many years ago. First sign was an odd wobbling at low speed, but it was an old car and had many similar idiosyncrasies. Then at about eighty (*ahem*) going downhill on the A66, one of the rear wheels nearly came off. The whole car shot across three lanes of tarmac without any input from me. Braking made it even worse. I finally managed to coast to a halt using engine braking and bad language. I’d have blamed myself for not tightening the nuts properly – three of the four were missing from the one rear wheel, but all the nuts on all four wheels were loose, and some had almost come completely off. I can only think someone with a tyre wrench and sick sense of humour had cracked off the lot of them.

    I had three passengers on board at the time. It still gives me the willies thinking what might have happened.

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