Rush of Blood

Just how well do you know the people you meet?

We’ve all done it. Met someone on holiday, made friends, exchanged e-mail addresses and contact details and promised to keep in touch.

For most people it ends there.

For some people, there is the odd ‘ meet up’ before fading back out of each others lives.

For six people in Florida, it was more than that. In a darkly fascinating tale of the secrets people keep from themselves and each other, RofB tells the story of these three couples. Bound together by a tragedy, watch as tempers fray, secrets escape, and the masks on their lives begin to slip as the post holiday meet ups turn into grim whodunits.

Thoroughly enjoyable, you won’t want to put this one down. The slow unravelling of each of the characters is captivating, and the desire to play detective and guess the villain before the end is almost impossible to resist.

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