The Towers of Alton

When I was at school, as a punishment for being late or for some other trivial misdemeanour, you would often be tasked to write an essay on a subject which was deadly dull or was difficult to write about, like, snow, grass or the colour red. Rain was also one of these subjects.

Rain happened a lot while we were wandering round the grounds of Alton Towers, there was the light but persistent sort which soaks through your clothing by stealth, the drizzly sort which just keeps going all day, the heavy showery stuff which pounds down, then eases off before pounding down again, and finally the really heavy stuff, which comes down hard, empties the streets and causes flash floods.

We experienced all of these. But as hardened thrill seekers and with dry clothes for the journey home, safely tucked away in a locker by the entrance, we braved all of that rain and as such never spent more than five whole minutes waiting to get onto a single ride. Not even for the front row of our favourite coasters which we simple walked straight on to more often than not.

Yes we got wet, in fact we were soaked through to the bone, but an epic day out was had by all.

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