NatProMo Day 1

That’s my newly inspired ‘National Procrastination Month’ in case you were wondering, and today’s methods of procrastination include….

Watching the entire first series of Cracker. That’s the proper Brit series from 1993, by the way, not ‘Fitz’ the ubiquitous American re-make.


Then undertaking to ‘wipe’ the Boyfs phone, which after half a dozen failed attempts to manually wipe and reset its data, took 2+ hours, an iTunes update, an iOS update and being forced into recovery mode to finally get this very poorly and broken iPhone 4 to accept a factory reset.

Followed shortly after by half an hour running backwards and forwards turning taps on and off for the man from the water company, while he worked out for himself which of the six meters for my apartment block belongs to me, because despite me being right in what I’ve told them, they believe I’ve supplied them with the wrong meter number for my place…..


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