My totally productive non-productive week and a bit

I’ve procrastinated like a trooper so far this month.  It has been quite epic compared to my usual level of procrastination…..

I’ve managed to get myself through three seasons of Cracker and it’s associated special episodes.  I’m now onto the second series of Reaper, and also have Daybreak as my Tellyvisual methods of avoidance.  On top of that I’ve got four books due back at the library on Monday that I haven’t even looked at yet.

I’ve had the parentals down for a visit, and they have done all my DIY while I watched and provided them with tea.  I now have shorter curtains, a curtain pole that doesn’t wobble, and the blind I pulled completely off the wall the morning they were due to arrive, is now safely, and more securely than before back in place.

I’ve had countless arguments with the boyfriend and wallowed in obscene amounts of both self- pity, and self loathing all washed down with too much wine.

Now I have the best excuse for procrastination of all… I’m back at work.

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