Where I slept


Although technically it’s where I hardly slept today. A little over an hour after I got home from work this morning, and just as i was drifting off into a comfortable sleep, another man from the water company turned up to flow test my meter, as they obviously didn’t believe the one who came round to do exactly the same thing last week.

Thus undoing all the work I’d put into calming down the kitten enough to let me sleep in peace, meaning the tiny little thunderbolt was running round the flat like a lunatic and repeatedly attacking me so I couldn’t drift off again.

Next up was the downstairs neighbour having shouty conversations in the stairwell around which sound reverberates extremely well, instead of inside of her nicely insulated flat.

So I went out. Procrastinated by doing errands, then came home and slouched in front to the telly box, finally crawling back into bed after a hot bath around 4pm. Tomorrow I will be able to procrastinate even better than today, by catching up on all the sleep I missed out on today. Neighbours, pets and visitors aside of course.

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