Superstitious Much?


We all have odd superstitions and tendencies, like the way both The Boyfriend and his sister can’t have the TV or car stereo volume on an odd number, it has to be even, but it can’t be 14.

For me it’s palindromes. I drive 100+ miles a day when I’m working and have a superstitious tendency to judge whether the forthcoming day will be ‘good’, or ‘bad’, dependant on if I see the palindromic numbers on my dashboard.

It’s irrational and has no real foundation in truth, other than to repeat something I learnt in the courses I attended for work last year. That’s all about the self-fulfilling prophecy, if you think it will be bad, it will be and vice versa…

Acknowledging this, hasn’t stopped me from looking for the numbers, but it has made me less apprehensive about the day ahead, if I don’t happen to see them whenever I know that they are due to go by. I’m just taking another little step at fighting and letting go of my demons, and learning to deal with the day as it comes instead of pre-conceiving how the day will go before I get there.

What’s your superstition, and how do you let it affect your day?

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