In case I’m an arse again….

I’m posting this so that next time I’m finding things against me, you can all point me in its direction so I remember this….


You see one year ago today, my diary read something like this.

…it turns out my glimmer of hope really was just some bastard with a torch.
My attempts to move my debt from my credit cards to a loan have failed. After spending two hours in the bank today, have failed.

The bank are currently saying ‘ha ha you can afford these expensive debts, so we’re not going to help you’.

Apparently it is more risky for my bank to give me a loan than it is to let me loose with the two credit cards I already have with them.

Unless of course I tell them I’m in financial difficulty when they are full, and then they’ll fall over backwards to help me. I’m taking preventative steps to stop that from happening and they don’t want me too. They would rather I got into trouble than actually stop me from getting into trouble in the first place.

So my dream of a house of my own is gone. I shall now have to line the pockets of someone else in order to have a place of my own.

One year ago tomorrow, my diary entry went something like this

I spent another two and a half hours in the bank this afternoon.

I had to go through the appeals process against the decision to not change my cards into a loan. I had a less than 10% chance of changing the decision. I knew I had to take it to keep my dreams alive.

There was a forty-five minute dog fight of a phone call between my bank manager and the referrals team. There was a lot of tense waiting and tweeting from me as I sat alone waiting for her to come back.


I got it.

It cost me a little money, but I got it. Time to now move forward. Time to battle the next hurdle and hope it isn’t as hard. Time to see if I can get a mortgage</em>

Then, a mere eight weeks later came this…


All going to prove that it is alright in the and, and reminding me that as The Boyfriend always says, I really do need to just

“have faith”

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