The Killing (1) – David Hewson


Having watched the TV series once I was already looking forward to reading the book, despite it still languishing on my bookshelf a year after purchasing it at the book launch at CrimeFest, Bristol last year.

What prompted me to pick it up and start however, was the fact the we started watching the original TV series again at work, as a way of helping night shifts to pass. I must admit that I believe my enjoyment of the book was increased a little by the knowledge of the TV series, but also in looking for the differences between the two, up to and including knowing that the killer has been changed in the novelisation.

I was wondering how it would be done, but it was brilliant. The shame of it is, I can’t tell you why without spoiling it, which I will not do. Suffice is to say it works well with the story, answers alot of questions remaining if you’ve watched the series, and is far more fitting for the characters.

It honoured the series well, but is at the same time a fabulous book in its own right for anyone who chooses to read it who hasn’t seen the TV version. I certainly recommend it whether you are interested in the TV show or not

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