So Long Nutty November

Ah. So NaNoWriMo bit the bullet. I didn’t even make my 10k, but I’m actually not sad about that.

I entered this month with a whole heap of expectations on my shoulders. Mainly those of complete failure.

Instead I’ve managed to complete two out of three challenges that I took on. Albeit one with a bit of help from the other, but I don’t care.  I finished them both with flying colours.

I posted one picture every day based on the themes given for November by Instagram‘s FatMumSlim.  I also posted more than the post a day required for NaBloPoMo, given that my post count for November was a whopping 57 posts.

Shall I give NaNoWriMo a go another year? maybe.

Shall I try NaBloPoMo again? definitely, and maybe not in November next year.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the month, and I hope you continue to come back and see all of the things I’ve been doing to avoid doing the things that I should.

National do everything you can every day for a whole month, halfway point

So we’ve reached the halfway point, and here’s how I’m doing.

NaNoWriMo word count = 0

Too late to make the target of 50,000 but there’s still time for me to beat my own personal 10,000 word target. (Honest)

NaBloPoMo post count = 20+

Although I have been highly guilty of countng my photo a day challenge posts, as NaBloPoMo posts.


14 out of 15 because I haven’t done todays yet, but Yay! I managed something 😀 Now just to keep it up.


Oh yes I’ve procrastinated a lot…..