Slightly less nutty this year….

So if any one ever looks at the alternative pages on here, you’ll see that last November I went a bit overboard on challenging myself to do stuff.

This year I’ve been slightly less insane.

I’ve been attempting to keep up with photo challenges every month this year with varying degrees of success from complete months to forgotten months, but I’m still going, and will hopefully manage a full month this month to post here.

I’m also signing on for NaBloPoMo again, as this place has been a tad neglected of late and with the upcoming winter months mean spending more tone indoors, writing will be a good way to spend that time, which means getting back into the swing of things.

Talking of writing, I will be giving NaNoWriMo a miss this year. There’s a lot of upheaval at work at the moment and I’m just coming out of one of deepest down phases in a while so I think this would be just one step too many at the moment. Hopefully when Camp NaNoWriMo cones round in the new year I’ll be more focused and in the mood to give it a go.

For now, these are the photo challenges I will be mixing and matching from for this month’s photo a day challenge.



If you’re not following me on Instagram (search JoKawasaki) It’s usual for me to post all of my challenge photographs over on my blog The Day Watch, only for the purposes of my Nutty November challenges I will be duplicate posting them here.

As for the NaBloPoMo posts?

Well let’s see how that turns out shall we.


I hate photographs of me, to the extent that I have an official photographer.

I’ve not had one of my best days today, yet for some reason I I decided today would be a good day to take a picture of myself.

The last time I took a picture of myself I liked was about six months before my divorce three years ago.

So colour me surprised when bad day, wine o’clock and impulsive self photography combine to produce one of the best selfies I’ve ever taken.


Alien Sky

I never get tired of playing around with this app.


I took the original shot when the Boyfriend and I were at Thorpe Park last week, just after we had come off this roller coaster. I liked the idea that this signified just about the exact point that the big adrenaline rush kicks in.

It’s a sign I tell you, a sign!

I took this photo yesterday while I was out and about in a local country park.


I quite liked it, but then today I saw something else that sent a little shiver down my spine.

There is a Totem Pole hidden in the trunk.



Do you see it?

See? This is what happens….

When you follow the blogs and twitter accounts of people who talk about the things you enjoy.

You lose a weekend.

Thanks to the blog Life In LoFi, this weekend I discovered the photo editing app Tangled FX.

Which pretty much means two days lost to mucking about with app to create great images and then porting those images to some of my other favourite apps and messing about again.

All images are my own original photos, and these are some of my favourite results.