A plethora of Patterson, his “partners” and protege’s

I’ve been needing to catch up on a little reading this month as I have a huge pile of boks to get through, and with the rest of the procrastination I’ve been doing lately I hadn’t got much done, so in order to ‘bump up the numbers’ for this month, I resorted to my usual fall back of James Patterson novels.

They’re easy reading with decent plots, that don’t take too much intellectual effort to plough through quickly. Plus with his stable of writers who do all the work before he does a quick edit, he can release enough books a year to give me a good boost every now and then.

Killing Hour


A previous “co-author” of James Patterson, around five years ago he broke the ‘mould’ and went out into the world alone. It was one of the best things he did, his writing has improved consistently and I absolutely love his books.

*Please note in some countries this book is known as Eyes Wide Open