I’m not counting honest.


Ok so I am already stupidly excited about the fact we are having a trip away, simply because it has almost (and will have been by the time we go) been three years since the Boyfriend and I actually left the country*, and this break away to Iceland for IcelandNoir, is an unexpected trip abroad

But there are plenty of other reasons I am looking forward to going too.  On the personal side there are several good friends of mine who will also be there, and the chance to spend even a few hours sat with a drink, or maybe a meal, just chatting away will be fabulous, due to the fact that I don’t get to see any of them on a regular basis as they all live in Yorkshire or above, and it’s a bit of a trek from the cotswolds to see them.

On the fanboi side, there is Arnaldur Indridason, for a start.  I have loved his books since I first read Silence of the Grave his second Detective Erlendur novel a couple of years ago and his latest book Strange Shores simply blew me away. ( You can find my review of it for CrimeSquad Here in the November reviews) Whilst no fanboi moment I have again in my life will live up to the moment I got to meet Stan Lee, I’m quite sure that meeting Indridason, will be up there in my top ten author moments.

Then of course there is the bucket list.  Not for me per se, but certainly for the other half.  Visiting Reykjavik has been on his bucket list for quite some time as has seeing the Northern Lights (aurora borialis) which is an amazing sight, and certainly something everyone should see once in their lifetime given the opportunity, and we have a trip out to look for them while we are there.

Then there is everything else that we are going to try and fit in during the rest of the time we are there.  Ooh, it’s going to be fun, and yes I can’t wait.

*no our recent trips to Scotland and Wales don’t count! 😛

Peterhead bound.

As anyone who follows this blog will know, I lost my beloved Somali cat last year, and got the gorgeous if amazingly annoying Pockets almost immediately after.

Pockets is a lovely cuddly cat, but part of me misses the traits of the ‘tart’ that is a Somali, and as someone more used to having two cats than one I’ve always hoped I could get another one, but at £450 for a pedigree I thought that would be a long way off.

As it turns out I couldn’t have been more wrong.

In recent weeks the Pockets has begun to exhibit behaviour that suggests, as he is an indoor cat, he is suffering from loneliness and boredom. He is such a constant craver of attention when we are home that I took the decision we needed another cat, the prospect of the issues introducing them to each other, far outweighing the consequences of his poor behaviour continuing in perpetuity.

So I started to look for a kitten. Initially I discounted the idea of a pedigree due to money, and the locations of the kittens that would be available for rehoming shortly. Then the Boyfriend did a little digging around and found some pedigree kittens available, reduced in price as they were 9 months old, rather than the 4 months you would usually buy them at, and he said he would buy one for me as an early birthday gift.

The only problem? They are 500 miles away. In Peterhead.

So that’s where we are heading today.

Because The Boyfriend is awesome for offering to buy one and, I’m truly that desperate for a Somali cat.

If you know the breed you’ll know why. If you don’t, you’ll wish you did.