A shining example….

Of some of the spam comments that get left here….

The two feral couches we own. The yellow one has the rip down the middle – just to the right of the purple cushion. The blue one is okay, but I hate it because the seat pads/cushions keep coming off and always need to be re-shoved back on. And it’s little. And it’s cheap. And it’s uncomfortable. As a plus, one can rest one’s dinner plate on the squared off arm. As a minus, that is one very uncomfortable squared off arm to lean one’s head against when trying to lie down on it.

Now I couldn’t be bothered to note, before I hit delete, who it was exactly who left me this comment, but I will say this. Kudos for leaving, in the hope that it may appear genuine, a reply so slightly to the left of near to an actual comment, providing you have assumed the crash position, consumed copious amounts of alcohol, and are in spitting distance of a broken piece of Lego Star Wars (as I am) instead of just leaving me hundred or so links to links to various and unscrupulous, gambling, loan or porn sites.

For that I salute you.