And still they try…..

Following on from recent my post about spam comments, here’s the interesting example of one trying to get through to me today…

So there’s this girl in my class that I always catch looking at me. We make eye contact for like 2 seconds and then she or I look away. She’s been looking at me ever since we started university, which was in October until now. In the first lesson we had on October, I saw her look at me like 5 times. On Monday of this week, she was also looking at me while I was doing the experiment and when I looked back at her, she looked away after a second. After the experiment, we had to go to a lecture and when I was turned around to sit down, I saw her next to me but she moved cos her friend wanted to sit at the front. So I told my friend about it and my friend was watching her and my other friend came to sit next to me. My friend put her bag on the table which was covering me and this other friend who was watching her said to me that she looked over my friend’s bag to look at me. And I kinda saw that she did too. So what does this mean? I liked her from the beginning too. When I first saw her, I thought that she’s very pretty. I really want to get to know her before it’s too late. What makes it worse is that I’m a girl too… please don’t judge me. I really want to talk to her but I’m shy.

I’d like to think that the people behind these comments are coming up with such prose themselves, but it’s more likely they’ve just pinched it from someone else’s website.

A shining example….

Of some of the spam comments that get left here….

The two feral couches we own. The yellow one has the rip down the middle – just to the right of the purple cushion. The blue one is okay, but I hate it because the seat pads/cushions keep coming off and always need to be re-shoved back on. And it’s little. And it’s cheap. And it’s uncomfortable. As a plus, one can rest one’s dinner plate on the squared off arm. As a minus, that is one very uncomfortable squared off arm to lean one’s head against when trying to lie down on it.

Now I couldn’t be bothered to note, before I hit delete, who it was exactly who left me this comment, but I will say this. Kudos for leaving, in the hope that it may appear genuine, a reply so slightly to the left of near to an actual comment, providing you have assumed the crash position, consumed copious amounts of alcohol, and are in spitting distance of a broken piece of Lego Star Wars (as I am) instead of just leaving me hundred or so links to links to various and unscrupulous, gambling, loan or porn sites.

For that I salute you.