Dark Blood


This book is great. The plots are as intertwined as ever, DI Steele is astonishingly more belligerent, Logan is more world-weary, embittered, and outspoken than ever before and the delightful DI Beattie is even more of a wet sponge than could be thought possible.

With a serial character there comes a point in the series where you sit down and almost start over again. Blind Eye was the culmination of the previous four books in the series, and did that brilliantly. Dark Blood, is the aftermath and the beginnings of the next explosion waiting to happen.

At this point in a series you can feel a little dismayed at the change of pace, but rest assured you shouldn’t feel that way.I for one can already see some of the smouldering embers that will eventually light the blue touch-paper in the future books.

With that said, I shall be diving into Shatter the Bones as soon as possible because I can’t wait to see what happens next…

Blind Eye


This has to be the best of the Logan McRae books thus far. It’s a great story as always, with a fab mix of plot lines, made all the better by the brilliant DI Roberta Steele.

If my sexual orientation were different, she’d probably be my soul mate.

Flesh House

After a month of selecting cosy crime and easy reading books, I decided to throw myself back into some gritty ‘hard boiled’ fiction, with DS Logan McRae of the Granite City, on the tail of ‘The Flesher’.


Gruesome as ever, whilst being at times both humorous and heart wrenching it will keep you gripped to the end.

(Although I do advise reading on an empty stomach if you don’t fancy seeing your lunch again.)