The Mill Forge

This is where Boo and I stayed in Gretna, where our friend is the General Manager.

It’s gorgeous.

I could get married here.







It may only be a 5 hour flight to Egypt, but you’ll be surprised how long it truly takes to get to where you are going. Today has been mostly taken up with travel…

05:20 Taxi arrives at the parentals. Time to go.

06:15 Arrive at Birmingham airport, and have a cup of much needed coffee.

06:30 Check in desk opens, join back of quickly growing check in queue

07:05 Finally check in and head upstairs to departures

07:20 Clear baggage check, and head off in search of Breakfast!

07:35 Sit down with refreshing pint (who cares about the time) & await food

08:30 Spot that we have been called to board and head off to find gate

09:20 TAKE OFF! 😀

14:30 (GMT) Land….

15:15 (GMT) Finally escape the chaos that is Sharm El Sheikh airport

15:50 (GMT) Arrive at hotel

16:05 (GMT) Almost Eleven hours after leaving home we finally dump out bags and go looking for Beer.

Blue skies, golden sands & sunshine

Today’s method of procrastination? – Booking a holiday.

It’s been a whole day affair, involving a trip into town to pick up a tonne of brochures.  A two hour lunch in the pub while I peruse them all quietly and create a shortlist of destinations / hotels.  Followed by an afternoon and an evening scouring the interchoobs for the best deal.

Throw in a couple of hours ranting and frustration as the price / flight availability change by the minute, twenty minutes frantically searching for the debit card you know you had earlier, and all of a sudden you realise the day is gone.

You can however now look forward to 10 whole days away procrastinating under the Egyptian skies.