The Procrastination Fairy is still procrastinating, but under a new name.

Following on from my streamlining of my online presence, I now give you the new and hopefully somewhat improved

It’s just all about the things I’m doing / reading / watching / listening to /thinking.

Short and sweet insights into the life of someone doing everything to avoid doing what they should.



Today I have sat and worked out that over the last five years of blogging I have created, discarded, resurrected and thrown away again a dozen or so online personas.

So many, that today I have catalogued every site that I “own”, which is currently…

7 Twitter accounts and 16 WordPress blogs, along with 5 blogs on Posterous, 6 on Blogger and 1 on Tumblr

There are also four Facebook accounts, and three Flickr accounts, all of which are in varying degrees of use from dormant, occasional use, weekly use and daily use.

It’s exhausting and it HAS TO STOP.

So I’m cutting down to two. A whole two.

There’s Daisy Nook, my nom de plume, and my attempt at creating a more professional me. Which you can find as @Daisy_Nook on Twitter and with a blog at

Then there’s everyday me, with all of my ups, downs, roundabouts and in-betweens which can be found here where you are now, also known as  (previously The Procrastination Fairy) and on twitter as @Jo_Parker.

So much neater don’t you think?