I couldn’t think of a witty title for this blog post so you got this one instead…

I’m a little bit in love.

I am a little bit in love with a fictional man.

He’s slightly damaged, has the best of intentions, is out to get the bad guys in any way necessary, and has at times lost more of both himself and of others than he expected along the way.

His name, is Joe Hunter, and he is the creation of author Matt Hilton.

I realised this a little while ago when I was reading Dead Men’s Harvest, the sixth book in the Joe Hunter series, and playing in the background was the latest album of Uncle Kracker, one of my favourite artists. A line from one of his songs suddenly floated out of the air and grabbed my attention, almost as much as the book had been holding it moments before.

“You’re like a sexy little psycho, with an automatic rifle, and I like the way you do what you do”

And that was it, Joe Hunter summed up in a few short words that had me realising how powerful Matt Hilton’s writing is, because I was so completely involved with who this man was, and what he was going through, I was addicted to Joe.

It says on the cover

“if you like Jack Reacher, you’ll love Joe Hunter”

And you know, I really do.

Dead Mens Harvest – Matt Hilton


Dead Men’s Harvest sees a big step up in writing style for Matt Hilton which makes this book, far more gripping than all of the preceeding novels, and brings to a climax a story line left unfulfilled since his first book, Dead Men’s Dust.

With his best friend kidnapped, and an old enemy targeting him once more, Joe Hunter has to face harder moral questions than eveer before,

Hard hitting from page one, and with no holding back you will not be able to put this book down.

Cut and Run


As you can probably tell I’m slightly addicted to this series of books at the moment, as they throw you headlong into the action, and don’t stop hurtling along until you get to the explosive finale.

I’ve another four books left to go in the series, and I can already tell I’m going to be gutted when I get to the end knowing it will be months before I can get another fix.

If you are a fan of Robert Crais’ Elvis Cole and Joe Pike novels, then I can guarantee you’re going to love Joe Hunter.

Slash and Burn


Would you like the recipe for an explosive story that is a gripping thriller?

Take the sister of a dead friend asking you to help locate their missing sister.

Blend together an up and coming American backwater town, its corrupt law enforcement, and a bunch of wild rednecks, with a rich corporate mobster, and a man out to avenge the death of his brother.

Mix well, leave to simmer, then add Joe Hunter.

Dead Men’s Dust


One missing brother.
One merciless killer.

And only one man, with the skills to find them both: Joe Hunter

I will often sit and read a book in a day, but I will punctuate it with several breaks in reading for everyday tasks. This was not the case with this book. I truly could not put it down, to the point that I was wandering around my flat with it in my hands, and when it did come to a necessary point in reading where I had no option but to stop, it was put aside for the briefest of times, and with the greatest of difficulty.

If you have this book in your TBR pile, move it up to the top. It sucks you in and pulls you along, right the way up to the very end, and when you put it down, you’ll feel a little sad, because the adventure has come to an end.

But take heart, because there are another seven to read.