Featuring Joe Pike, Elvis Cole and Jon Stone this is by far the best Robert Crais book I have ever read. I really couldn’t put it down and so read it in just one sitting.

The story spends a lot of time, switching back and forth in time, and between character narratives but it never comes anywhere close to confusing. It all flows really well.

I actually felt a little bit sad when I turned the last page, as I was enjoying myself so much.

Sunset Express


Since I started my foray into the back catalogue of Robert Crais’ Elvis Cole & Joe Pike novels, I’ve not really said much about them. I’m not going to say much about this one either, other than it is the best of the series thus far, (there are better ones later on), besides I think my repeated returns to read more of the series tells you more about how much I enjoy reading them than I could.

The Watchman


The first of four (so far) crossover novels between Joe Pike & Elvis Cole, and which precedes the earlier crossover novel I read, The First Rule. While reading them out of order didn’t spoil my enjoyment of either, this one certainly filled in some blanks about the behaviour of some characters in The First Rule.