Another of those things you do…

if any of you remember this post  you might be wondering why I am mentioning it right now.  The thing is I’ve gone and done it again.  This time I have signed up for a six week course from the University of Strathclyde.


More information is available here.

Why do I do these things?


I bought a writing course.

It’s an online writing course, on how to write books for children.


Because I am impulsive and it was cheap, a bit of a bargain actually, reduced from £249 to just £12, worth a punt at that price I thought. Of course now I have to actually sit down and do it, which in turn means more procrastination to follow.

Deconstructing personality

in order to Construct Conversations, because that’s what I’ve been doing for the last two days, attending a course on constructive conversations.

Yes, I actually went on a course. Me, the last sort of person you want to be on a course with youm because I don’t see the point of courses. This time though, I decided to leave my sceptical, what’s the point? can’t be bothered with this shit part of me at home for a couple of days.

The result?

I had an enjoyable couple of days, and actually learnt quite a lot. Instead of spending two days role playing difficult conversations as I expected, we spent two days pulling apart our personalities, understanding what made each of us tick, how it can reflect in the things we say and do, and how people who are different may react either well or badly to our own personal styles.

I certainly have plenty of new skills to practice now, and I’m hoping I can keep up the positive attitude I came away from the course with long enough to ingrain these skills in my psyche.

A Deep Field

As you know, I got my lovely new bridge camera back in January, and I have been spending quite some time out and about playing with it, but have mainly been taking my pictures using the nice, safe ‘automatic’ mode on the camera.

Just recently though I went on a dSLR photography course, that Boo bought me as a gift. I had a fantastic time, and now I am in control!

No more automatic shooting for me, I understand all about f stops, shutter speeds, and when and where to give priority to one over the other in the cameras settings. I learnt lots of hints, tips and tricks for taking pretty portraits, and lovely landscapes.

I know how best to set up my camera for different situations, along with which lenses and other pieces of kit I should be buying for my collection.

Oh, and now I understand all about depth of field too….. See?

I got a gold star for this one! 😀

If you want to go on a course I really recommend you use Photography Made Simple. Phil & Rachel Hibberd who run them are great teachers, and so enthusiastic about their art you can’t help but get carried away.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner, looking for specialist training like wedding photography, or even want some one on one training, then these guys really are the guys for you!