Something awesome


I love this bag, but then I should as I designed it all myself including the logo. If you want one you can get one here.

Stop squeezing the pheasant

Meet Mosby, the squeaky toy pheasant that accompanied my BFF, my other half, myself and several others on a boozy night round Edinburgh.

Never has such a small and stupid toy caused so much merriment to so few, or was that the beer?


(Get this pic on a mug over at zazzle)


I decided to set myself up with a Zazzle store this week, for no other particular reason than I got bored.

But you’ll soon be able to get cases for your iPad, iPod, iPhone, or Blackberry & Samsung phones featuring several of my favourite photographs, along with one or two other quirky items I may choose to add from time to time.

Head over here to have a look.