National do everything you can every day for a whole month, halfway point

So we’ve reached the halfway point, and here’s how I’m doing.

NaNoWriMo word count = 0

Too late to make the target of 50,000 but there’s still time for me to beat my own personal 10,000 word target. (Honest)

NaBloPoMo post count = 20+

Although I have been highly guilty of countng my photo a day challenge posts, as NaBloPoMo posts.


14 out of 15 because I haven’t done todays yet, but Yay! I managed something ūüėÄ Now just to keep it up.


Oh yes I’ve procrastinated a lot…..

NatProMo Day 2

Today was planned as somewhat relaxing and quiet as I was due to be working tonight.

At just after nine this morning though that all changed when I work called and asked me to go in four hours earlier for my night shift tonight. ¬†This meant that I would not be seeing the Boyf today as I would have to be leaving before he got home from work. ¬†It also meant I didn’t have as much spare time as I¬†wanted to try to¬†sleep before going in to work, which meant less time to do anything full stop.

So instead, what I did was fit in a quick trip to the post office, a row with the Boyfriend over the fact he’s currently working six days a week and a can’t have a day off, not ¬†to mention being in a pissy because he can’t even fit in a quick lunchtime visit.

I followed that up with a lunchtime sandwich before heading off to bed.  Friday night traffic means leaving almost two hours early to get to work because the journey is going to be hell, and of course being at work means actually pretending like I do some of the stuff, and leaving me no time for anything else.

I have procrastinated better than I expected today, as the change in plans left much less time for which I needed to find alternative activities.


NatProMo Day 1

That’s my newly inspired ‘National Procrastination Month’ in case you were wondering, and today’s methods of procrastination include….

Watching the entire first series of Cracker. That’s the proper Brit series from 1993, by the way, not ‘Fitz’ the ubiquitous American re-make.


Then undertaking to ‘wipe’ the Boyfs phone, which after half a dozen failed attempts to manually wipe and reset its data, took 2+ hours, an iTunes update, an iOS update and being forced into recovery mode to finally get this very poorly and broken iPhone 4 to accept a factory reset.

Followed shortly after by half an hour running backwards and forwards turning taps on and off for the man from the water company, while he worked out for himself which of the six meters for my apartment block belongs to me, because despite me being right in what I’ve told them, they believe I’ve supplied them with the wrong meter number for my place…..