A simple goal

20140101-230324.jpgI never make New Years resolutions simply because I am rubbish at sticking to them and so don’t see the point.

This year I do have a goal however. To read more. In 2013 I managed to get through 130 books. It’s not my biggest ever reading year, but it’s the target number I’m aiming to beat.

I’ll keep you posted!

New Year, New Blog

Well sort of anyway.

Don’t panic, I’m keeping this one, because as with all of my little corners of the blogosphere, it does have a particular place and purpose in my life even if you don’t understand it.

That said though, for those of you that missed this announcement last year, you will now also be able to find me over here

Have a great New Year everyone. May 2012 bring you all you wish for.