Another of those things you do…

if any of you remember this post  you might be wondering why I am mentioning it right now.  The thing is I’ve gone and done it again.  This time I have signed up for a six week course from the University of Strathclyde.


More information is available here.

I added a few more to the list…

I don’t know why I bother telling myself time and time again that I will, under no circumstances, come home from a book festival with anything more than a list of books to be procured over the next few months because this is inevitably what happens….


Expect much more procrastination to come


The Procrastination Fairy is still procrastinating, but under a new name.

Following on from my streamlining of my online presence, I now give you the new and hopefully somewhat improved

It’s just all about the things I’m doing / reading / watching / listening to /thinking.

Short and sweet insights into the life of someone doing everything to avoid doing what they should.