Out and about (again)

Having a fab time at the mo, being able to get out and about visiting some of the nearby attractions, and practising with the new camera.

Today was the turn of Prinknash Abbey Bird and Deer Park, and this was my favourite picture, of the seventy or so I took.

“Let’s Go, Jo!”

In another attempt to get some practice in with the new camera I headed out for a trip to the zoo, thinking I could probably get some great shots of the animals.  However, the company of an over enthusiastic toddler, with his own little camera to play with meant more pictures of him, and less of the animals than I would have liked. 

It also meant that because he ‘liked reading maps,’ he decided to take charge in directing us round the zoo. 

Subsequently I now have ridiculously aching legs, especially since his most repeated phrases of the day were, ‘Let’s Go, Jo!’, ‘Come on, Jo’ and ‘March!’

I think I shall have to refrain from going out for a while…