Coasting along

Boo and I went to Alton Towers for the Halloween Scarefest.

We had a great day but the queues were huge, which given we usually go midweek when there’s no one else around came as a bit of a shock. (80 minutes was the longest time) That said, I don’t think we were as long waiting as these guys had been on the ride…. 😉


A Wardrobe of Win

Boo and I did a bargain bagging day out at Bicester Shopping Village.

He bought me a mahooosive DKNY handbag for the fabulous knockdown price of £68 instead of £175, leaving me with the challenge of locating a bigger bargain.

After much mooching around all the big designer names I finally found myself in the ToyWatch store and after Boo pointed it out to me, I fell instantly in love with an epic watch. Totally bling for me and awesomely discounted at £65 instead of £285.

So now after the epic win shoes I bought in the summer, my wardrobe is very carefully being constructed of total win.