The Rise of Nine – Pittacus Lore


Not a bad story in its own right, but it certainly was nowhere near as good as I Am Number Four, or The Power of Six.

What is was good for though was the set up. It has made a lot of promises for the future of the troupe of Loriens, and I shall certainly continue with the books in this series.

The next book, The Fall of Five is out now.

The Power of Six – Pittacus Lore


After reading the first book in the legacies series I Am Number Four, and it’s between the books companion, I Am Number Four, The Lost Files – Sixes Legacy, I have to say I was a bit confused when I began to read this book.

I sat down fully expecting exactly what I got, in that it was the further adventures of Four and Six as they search for more of the Loriens, hidden on Earth. The thing was most of the initial part of the book, and interspersed along the way it was the story of number seven. It wasn’t until halfway through that the title of the book was explained. Rather than being The Power of Six, talking about Six who was leading the ‘fight’, it was actually The Power of Six, as in the power of the remaining six Loriens on earth, No’s four through nine.

It may seem like a simple and unimportant error to make, judging the book by it’s cover, and it’s title, but you’d be surprised the difference it makes to your priding experience when you approach this story from such a subtly different angle.

One thing though, it may have been a novel written for the “young adult” market, but I think anyone of any age will find something enjoyable in it, even if it as simple as the fact that deep down, we all really wish we had super powers of our own.