Blue Lagoon


The Blue Lagoon is one of the strangest most surreal experiences you can ever have.

When I was there a few days ago and took this picture, the temperature was 2 degrees C, the rain was lashing down, the winds were howling across the waters which were of the brightest blue hue you can imagine.

It was magnificent.  I first went to the Blue Lagoon back in 2001 and I never thought I would get the chance to go back there.  A fortunate turn of life events however meant that this year I would.

The whole experience was even better this time for several reasons.

Firstly I got to visit with my other half. He is a great person to travel with.  He is someone with boundless enthusiasm for everything and who wants to see and make the most of every possible opportunity. 

Secondly I got to visit with some really good friends.  Friends I only get to see a handful of times a year, whose company always lifts my spirits and reminds me of how blessed I am in life.

Finally I got to enjoy what I missed out on last time.  Last time I didn’t appreciate where I was, or how fortunate I was to be there due to reasons that at that time meant a lot to me.  I’m glad to say those reasons aren’t there now, and I truly got to appreciate how lucky I am to be somewhere so beautiful with the people I care about.

La Vie En Bleu

Back at Prescott Speed Hill Climb, home of the Bugatti Owners Club for their annual Life in Blue weekend, where they celebrate all things French (or expensive).

There were new cars….


Old cars….


New cars made to look like old cars….


There were stereotypical people….


And their jobs….



There was fine weather, an atmosphere filled with the smell of racing fuel and burning rubber, and there was a picnic. There were can can dancers, mime artists, street artists and men on stilts. There were accidents, and incidents, beer, shopping and as always much fun. Can’t wait til next year.