And a warm welcome goes to

Penelope Pawstop.


Back when I lost Buddy in July last year, and acquired Pockets, I had my heart set on a silver female somali kitten I’d seen for sale on the interchoobs. I’d even given her a name, Penelope Pawstop. It was how Pockets got his name, as in the cartoon The Perils of Penelope Pitstop, Pockets was one of The Anthill Mob. It turned out however, that I couldn’t buy her due to the usual issues of life and lack of funds getting in the way.

I didn’t worry about it, Pockets was a name that seemed to suit our lovely Heinz 57 blend rescue kitteh.

When the Boyfriend found the kittens we saw yesterday available for sale, I immediately said I’ll have the boy, and armed with the rest of the names of The Anthill Mob we began the long journey North.

It turned out that I couldn’t have the boy kitteh. Not because he was sold to someone else, the breeder had reserved him for us, and not because he was an unfriendly cat. I realised he resembled too closely my old Somali, and there was no way I was going to be able to stop seeing and looking for him and his traits in everything the new boy did.

I had also done something I didn’t expect to do. I fell immediately in love with his sister. I was worried at first that having reserved the male in advance changing my mind would be a problem. As luck would have it, the breeder had someone else who wanted the boy and the girl was free to buy. So the Boyfriend did, and nine months later than planned, a female, silver Somali called Penelope Pawstop arrived.

Oh hai

“When you are used to hearing purring and suddenly it’s gone, it’s hard to silence the blaring sound of sadness”
~ Missy Altijd

The sound has been deafening too, you don’t realise how often you look to see where the cat is until it’s no longer there to see.

I miss my little boy, and I always will, but I’m a big believer in things happening for a reason, and that the right little Kitteh would find us when the time was right.

I just didn’t realise how fast that would be.

The day after we said goodbye we stopped at the cattery where he should have been going to stay that day so we could tell them about his passing.

As we chatted, we helped remove three young kittens from their mum for the first time.

The mum had been rescued from the threat of death due to being pregnant, and the kittens, subject to health and blood checks were available for adoption.

We left, and we waited.

Now the handsome little boy we fell in love with that day has come to live in the flat.

Everyone, give a big lolcat ‘oh hai’ to Pockets……