That was the month that was

In which I read some books, watched some TV and generally avoided the interchoobs.


I didn’t read as much as I wanted this month mainly because I discovered this TV show called Lost Girl, and I decided to marathon my way through seasons one to three.

I did however have a bit of a back catalogue catch up, with One Last Breath, The Dead Place and Scared to Live by Stephen Booth. I had a bit of a giggle with Something Borrowed by Paul Magrs and Mrs Fry’s Diary by Mrs Stephen Fry. I fed need for generic pap with Tick Tock, and Second Honeymoon by a couple of James Patterson’s herd of writers, and I gave myself a thrill with Stay Close by Harlan Coben and The Edge of Normal by Carla Norton.

Refreshed and ready for….

well, I have no idea.

I’ve had 17 days off work, so am feeling quite refreshed. I’ve had a short break away with the other half and his son, I’ve booked another break for November, and I’ve received quite a few free books in the post….

It’s been a mainly high fortnight, with just the one meltdown in the middle, but it wouldn’t be me without that though, and it’s been really good to just stop doing everything I usually do and recharge my batteries.

Now to catch up with everything I have let slide, because now I have the strength to tackle it all again.

Slightly cheeky

Yes, I know, I’ve been a little be cheeky with my NaBloPoMo posts by using my photo entries for my Photo a day challenge as my entry, but there is a really good reason for that. It’s called life.

I’m rather guilty of spending too much time hiding out in the open of the interchoobs that I forget to actually spend some time out in the real world.

It’s easy for me to do that you see because I don’t have local people to do things with. I do have a couple of old friends, the only ones retained in the divorce, and one newly made being nurtured friend, but that’s it, and as with most people those local to me all have regular jobs with regular hours and as such are often not working when I am, and are working when I’m not.

But enough of that, I bitch, wail and moan about that enough over twitter and various other cyber locations that I’m not going to do it here. Suffice is to say that I’ve been quiet this weekend because I’ve been busying myself with the things you have to do if you’re going to have things to blog about…


There is so much that could maybe, just possibly, if I’m lucky, be happening, in the pipeline that I’m terrified. I don’t want it to go wrong again. I want something to look forward too. I want positive change, for a change, and it’s so tangible, so close, and I don’t want to frighten it away.

New Year, New Blog

Well sort of anyway.

Don’t panic, I’m keeping this one, because as with all of my little corners of the blogosphere, it does have a particular place and purpose in my life even if you don’t understand it.

That said though, for those of you that missed this announcement last year, you will now also be able to find me over here

Have a great New Year everyone. May 2012 bring you all you wish for.