because if you work with a computer you know it’s true…..

I once had a wise old friend who was a computer programmer, (from a time before the words computer and programmer existed in a dictionary,) who gave me one piece of sage advice I have tried to live by, and on the times I’ve failed have discovered it to be true.

“Never let a computer, or a printer, know that you are in a rush or you want to go home.”

Then today, a random link, from a random link, from a random link, found me discovering that there is actually a word for it…

The seemingly spiteful behavior shown by inanimate objects

Thank you Obsolete Word of the Day


One day I will learn to write my blog post ideas down at the moment I think of them, so I don’t end up forgetting them and cursing my pathetic memory. Had a blinder of an idea last night, and another in the car on the way into work this morning, but do you think I can remember either of them now?

The Godfather’s got nothing on me

Threatening behaviour
In your face confrontations

I’ve got them all down pat, and I was only looking after a 4 yr old…..

“If you’re a good boy while we’re here you can play on the iPad when we get home…”

“I’ll take your toys away if you don’t behave…”

And of course the old favourite

“just wait until your Father gets home….”