End of show montage

I love TV drama series. I don’t care what country they’re produced in as long as they are good with catchy stories. There is however a commonality amongst American drama shows. The end of show montage…..

You know what I’m talking about, that piece of sentimental music that plays over shots of the main characters ‘coming to terms’ with the ‘events’ of that particular episode.

As someone who’s not a massive fan of music, I just like what I like, I usually just appreciate the scene setting of the piece and move on. Just once in a while however, something catches my attention, and whilst watching an episode of Season Two of Body of Proof, one of those once in a whiles, cam around.

I can’t stop listening to this track, and those that surround it on Andrew Belle’s album, “The Ladder”

If you enjoyed that, or if you like those montage scenes, maybe next time you watch one, use SoundHound, or Shazam to point you in the direction of the music that’s being used. There are some hidden gems out there we all need to discover….