The downside of procrastination….


You may find yourself forgetting to do something important, like sending off the warranty registration cards for your kitchen full of lovely brand new appliances.

Not such a big deal you think, until you realise you’ve forfeited your 2 year parts and labour guarantee, and then your washing machine goes on the fritz and all your user manual has to say about fixing the problem is

“Try turning it off and on again”

And thus, feeling like an extra in The IT Crowd, you do so and nothing changes.


Yes, this is the position I found myself in the other night when the dryer part of my washer/dryer wouldn’t work.  Instead it chose to flash lights at me rapidly, like a naked old man who thinks that you enjoy nothing better than being repeatedly shown his shrivelled and aged ‘tackle’.

I dutifully switched it off and on again several times to no avail. Fortunately when I tried again at three in the morning it worked fine.

So fingers crossed it was just something simple like the fact the machine was too hot, and not a big fault I need to fix.

Sucker punch

It’s been a long hard week for me. In light of some other people’s situations that I have become aware of, my situation may seem inconsequential, but to me, right now, it has been hard.

Yesterday, the Boyfriend did a great thing in standing his ground against his boss and getting what was effectively his second day off in four months (excluding Sundays.)

It was possibly one of the best things he could have done, as the weight of facing another five days alone was beginning to bear down down on me like the most oppressive thing oppressing the lest most oppressive thing.

Today he has helped lift me enough to enable me to face the nest few days, enough of a boost to ‘get me through,’ almost like a addict getting his next hit, not knowing where or when his next hit will come from. I didn’t care, I was happy, he was trying, we were working at it.

There was a hiccup, to keep up the analogy, my dealer has been caught and my supply chain interrupted. My next ‘hit’ will not be as expected, but I took in the news and dealt with it as best as my currently limited self will allow.

Then it came, the phone call from my mother. My grandmother has been taken into a home for emergency care, after what appears to have been a second stroke, she is not safe enough to be left alone.

She’s there for two weeks , after which she either gets sent home with care, or moves to somewhere more permanent. At 94, I know it’s this right thing for her. I know it’s the right thing for my mother who has had to live looking after her as a parent to a child for many years now, but I am of the belief that we are not far from that time which we all dread.

As I try to retrieve myself from a place I know I do not want to be, it’s like just another sucker punch to the gut.

Late, not *late, late* but still late…..

The boyfriend is a rubbish timekeeper.  If you give him a time to do something, you always have to make it earlier than in actually needs to be, except when it comes to work.  In all the years I’ve known him, he has been late to work just once.  Until now. This week he’s managed to be late for work, not just once, but twice, albeit the second time only half as late as the first.  So today I am on a mission, to find a cheap alarm clock, in order to stop him relying on a dying mobile phone to drag him from the depths of sleep.