Praise where praise is due…

A few weeks ago I ordered a new table on chairs for the flat from the tinterwebs.

This was after 10pm at night.

The next day I was told my furniture was ready for delivery and given a web address to go to in order to arrange my delivery.

I chose today from the days given me as an option because I knew I would be at home.

Three days ago I received a text telling me my order would be here between ten and twelve.

This morning I got back from work and sat in front of the tv to wait.

By 9:42 my furniture was here and the delivery guys gone. To short, hot and early in the day for tea, they left with chilled cans of coke.

When they rang looking for our address, they were less than 150ft away. I have been so impressed with all of the service I have received to date.

Many thanks to The Great Furniture Trading Company and their delivery partners.

Now just to open my boxes, and make sure my delivery is unharmed.

The Perpetual Motion Squad

Sorry, not Leonard’s Physics Bowl team from TBBT, but more the team of Boo and I at Crimefest.

Kick started by the delightful Matt Hilton, and his gregarious wife Denise, we sat on Saturday morning at a table in the hotel bar’s patio area, and we didn’t move. Over the course of the day, as people came and went from panels, discussions, lunches, agent meetings and other such demands, the group sat around us was in a constant state of flux, and it made for a quite simply the best experience of the weekend.

Conversation topics were hugely varied, highly entertaining, and even heatedly debated, with a diverse range of opinion, and discussion.

So I would like to say thank you to

Matt Hilton
Denise Hilton
Shiela Quigley
KJ Wignall
Simon Kernick
Steve Mosby
Lee Child
Damien Seaman
Kate Kinchen
Vincent Holland-Keen

and to everyone else who joined a our team for some part of the day and made our weekend as fabulous as ever.