I’ve never read anything by Jeff Abbott before, but on the strength of this book I shall certainly be seeking out all of his back catalogue, and have already added the next Sam Capra novel, The Last Minute’, to my to be read pile.

The CIA is convinced that Sam has turned traitor and will do everything in it’s power to prove it. Sam must avoid capture, save the kidnapped daughter of a billionaire, find his missing wife and child, and all while trying to prove his innocence.

With the help of a mysterious organisation with seemingly unlimited resources, Sam sets out to find the truth, and clear his name.



When you get down to it all it’s got a  great plot, with an interesting twist. However,  I felt like the story really didn’t know where it should have been set, as it’s main character is an American, working in Ireland with an FBI connection.  It’s also a great example of how the wrong choice of narrator for an audio book can spoil your enjoyment.

Ten-Second Staircase

Why, O Why, O Why, have I left it four years since I read my last Bryant & May Novel? They are delightfully complex, and so darkly comic you just can’t help but keep on reading. I so want to be like these two when I’m old….