Deconstructing personality

in order to Construct Conversations, because that’s what I’ve been doing for the last two days, attending a course on constructive conversations.

Yes, I actually went on a course. Me, the last sort of person you want to be on a course with youm because I don’t see the point of courses. This time though, I decided to leave my sceptical, what’s the point? can’t be bothered with this shit part of me at home for a couple of days.

The result?

I had an enjoyable couple of days, and actually learnt quite a lot. Instead of spending two days role playing difficult conversations as I expected, we spent two days pulling apart our personalities, understanding what made each of us tick, how it can reflect in the things we say and do, and how people who are different may react either well or badly to our own personal styles.

I certainly have plenty of new skills to practice now, and I’m hoping I can keep up the positive attitude I came away from the course with long enough to ingrain these skills in my psyche.

A body of corpses

Is that the right collective noun? it certainly sounds it.

When the first chalk outline appeared at work, it was all alone.


I thought it was an interesting way of my company to remind people to be careful on the stairwells to avoid slips, trips and falls.

Then they began to multiply…


I think they spoilt it all this week though when the decided to accessorise the corpses…..


And with each corpse having different accessories, I have to admit that this tweet I got from a colleague certainly had me smiling.