83 Minutes….

In which, I could have read a good chunk of my current book, caught up on the TV I’ve missed while I’ve been working, cooked a fabulous meal (and even eaten it), or treated myself to a long hot soak in a bubble bath, instead I chose to sit down and watch this…..


What a waste.

This is the movie that showed such promise, it’s got everything a good movie should have…

It’s got the alien artefact / meteorite turned government experiment gone wrong.

It’s got the government techs behind the scene getting all panicky and racking up the tension.

It’s got the military controlled ship with it’s still acting like a college football jock commander, who is all about action first think later.

There’s the expert team sent in to fix the problem with the complete set… a maverick leader who’s drunk and off the rails after a mission gone wrong, there’s his partner who is also his ex-wife who left him because of his troubles, but of course still loves him, “if only he’d straighten up”, and there’s the weird nerd who’s also a total genius but still behaves like a pubescent teen.

There’s the “we’re in it together” speech where maverick leader wants to go it alone and his team say “no way, Jose”, and then there’s the ultimate sacrifice of same maverick at the end of the film as he goes down with the ship to “make sure this thing stays buried”

Yes, it’s got all that, and much more.

Sadly it’s also got

A bad script
Bad acting
No reasonably plausible storyline.

along with major f/x goofs


(Just because your graphics are upside down, they can still be read you know)

and blindingly obvious continuity errors… (hair down, hair up, hair down, hair up)

this whole 24 second clip, tells you just about everything you need to know about this film.

Yep, that’s 83 whole minutes I’ll never get back, and one god awful film I’ll never forget.